Texas Weightlifting has provided incentive programs for Texas lifters starting in 2016.  There are 2 current incentive programs:  world team incentive and cash payouts at the State Meet.

Below are the eligibility requirements to for any athlete to earn any listed incentive:

  • Your membership card must list “Texas-Oklahoma WSO” as your WSO
  • You must lift in a Texas State Championship Qualifying event in the 12 months prior to earning the incentive
  • Be a resident of Texas
    • Must have a valid Texas ID
      • Athletes aged 15 and under:  athlete’s parent/guardian must have a valid Texas ID
    • Exceptions
      • Student exception
        • An athlete can attain residency in the state they attend college full time and on campus if they can prove they were a resident of Texas prior to moving to another state
        • The athlete will receive credit for each year they where a resident of Texas and will have a grace period of up to 4 years
          • The athlete will still be required to participate in a State Meet Qualifying event 12 months prior to earning payment
      • Military exception
        • An athlete, or athlete’s parent, that is active military and stationed in Texas will be considered a Texas resident
          • The athlete will still be required to participate in a State Meet Qualifying event 12 months prior to earning payment

International Team Incentive

This program is geared towards supporting athletes by offsetting costs associated with international travel.  In an effort to simply the program, a payment of $500 for any youth, junior, and/or senior level IWF event in which USA Weightlifting sends a team.  Restrictions below:

  • Non-funded Athletes Only
  • Max 2 International Team Incentive Payments per Calendar Year per Athlete
    • Reduced to 1 if Athlete Received Any State Meet Cash Payout
  • Max 1 International Team Incentive Payment per Trip per Athlete
    • Example: An athlete will only receive $500 if they compete in both the U15 and U17 Pan American Championships and are contested at the same time
  • Athlete Must Weigh In For the Event

The International Team Incentive program must be renewed each year.  Current program exists through December 31 2022.

State Meet Cash Payouts

Each State Meet will define the payouts and the criteria

Please contact Robert Sirkis ( with any questions about any incentive program.


  1. Cariann Bradford says

    It my understanding you CANCELED this program without notice to the athletes in 2021. Why is it still listed in the website?

    • Robert Sirkis says

      The specific program you are asking about (scholarship) was not renewed and discontinued in 2021. The other incentive programs listed above are still active.

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