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2023 Texas State Weightlifting Championships When/Where/How

When: January 13-15 2023

Where: Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental (2019 Venue)
Rooms at $104/night

How: The registration process for the 2023 State Meet is changing. We are going away from the tier 1/2 process in favor of a preregistration and ranking process. Full details to be published shortly. Below is a brief overview and timeline for registration:
- Qualifying Period: October 1, 2021 - October 15, 2022
- Qualifying Events: Any local meet hosted in Texas
- Preregistration: October 1 - October 15
- Invoices: Sent in 2 waves; October 23 - 29 and then October 30 - November 4 based on ranking
- High Level Invite Process:
--All athletes preregister and provide their best total from Texas local events
--All athletes are ranked based on their entry total divided by their age/weight categories national championships qualifying total
--All athletes are invited based on their rank within their age division
---All #1 athletes receive an invite, then #2, then #3, all the way until the registration limit is reached

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